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Welcome to the world atlas page. I trust your trip here was comfortable. This page is divided up into sections for your ease. The typical world atlas is first followed by the scholastic series and a couple of biblical atlases at the end. Enjoy and remember that all prices are subject to change and do not include any shipping or crating charges that may apply. Don't worry, I'm back in college now, so your days putting up with me may be numbered. Don't get too excited..graduation is still aways off! All atlases are the most current edition unless otherwise noted.


Prices subject to change and do not include any shipping or crating charges that may apply.


Rand McNally Classicr World Atlas

Hard Cover Atlas with 143 map pages. Pretty much all maps and an index. Regional maps cover the entire world and are designed to be easy to understand. Maps Include Political boundaries and Physical Features. A no-brainer at the bargain price of $39.95.


Rand McNally Quick Reference World Atlas

A 58 page accurate and up to date atlas with computer generated full color maps. Also contains a detailed index.$5.95.


Hammond Historical World Atlas

A 72 page look at the history of the world according to maps! This collection illustrates the most significant events and periods in history up to the present day. Hardbound.$16.95.



Colorprint Notebook Atlas

It's a coloring book. Yep, you heard me right. Entertain the artistic side of your children while filling them with geographical knowledge! 24 pages completely indexed and coded for coloring. Your kid needs one and lucky for you they are only $3.95.


Universal Map World Atlas Scholastic Edition

Your guide to the world. 24 pages of full color maps and a full index. Includes a world and U.S. fact sheet. Great for the youngster learning about the world. Act now and we will sell this sucker to ya for only $4.95


Hammond Student's Notebook Atlas

An affordably priced reference filled with color political maps that make studying the world's geography fun and easy. Their words...not mine. The perfect atlas for school. Once again their words. 31 pages for only $3.95


Hammond Scholastic New Headline World Atlas

Perfect for students, this atlas is an excellent tool for learning about our changing world. 52 pages of highly detailed maps and statistic charts. You child getting an A in social studies is priceless, this atlas is cheap....$6.95


Rand McNally Answer Atlas

An essential home and classroom reference for students of all ages, the Answer Atlas features award winning maps, tables and graphs of mountains rivers and more, vibrant and fact filled introductory sections for each continent and a special section featuring more than 120 questions and answers about our world. When you think that the questions used to sell separately from the answers, this atlas is a steal at $12.95.



American Map Corp. Student's Bible Atlas

Ideal for students of history, religeon, and the classics this valuable chronical of the ancient world brings to life the places behind the stories that have absorbed us for centuries. The perfect companion to historical and biblical texts. 18 pages of maps with a complete index and chronological table for only....$6.95.


Hammond Atlas of the Bible Lands

An illustrated atlas of the bible including terrain maps, photographs, city plans, diagrams, time charts and an index. 48 pages and hardbound....$12.95.

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