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Hey..lamination and mounting isn't just for maps ya know. If it is flat we can laminate it or mount it or frame it or...well that's about all we can do with it, but since this is the worlds most incredible run on sentence I'm just going to keep on going and say any job big or small we can handle. OK so that's a lie. We do have our limits.

Check out all the pretty pictures and read the descriptions of our lamination and mounting procedures below. Any questions can be directed to Jeff or Tom at the emails and phone numbers at the bottom of the page.


Prices subject to change and do not include any shipping or crating charges that may apply.










Lamination is the process of using heated plastic to seal your documents, making them waterproof and markable. Trust me it burns when you get sucked into a lamination machine! Also, as you can see, Tom is a very small man. We mount on Gator board which has a hard surface and a foam core middle. Kinda like an Oreo cookie except for the taste part. During the mounting process, the map or what ever is glued to the board and laminated on both sides using heat and pressure. We use pressure, but we are proud to say that nothing has ever been mounted under duress. We finish out or mounting with a black tape frame border to give that finished look unless we are also framing the item. Lamination can be used for a variety of things. For your pleasure, here is a list of things that you really need to laminate or mount.

Just as the Container Store about lamination. They laminate everything!!!

lamination hot off the machine and ready to be trimmedThis antique Texas is headed into the machine for mountingA rare photo of Tom working on a mounted map.


Since I do not possess the ability to explain lamination pricing, I have chosen to scan the pricing sheets instead. Enjoy the ride and be patient...the images are large so you can read them.


Custom lamination pricing Click here.

Commercial Lamination rates...100 or more pieces click here.

Medium Laminations...for your medium sized items click here

Large lamination pricing for the really big items click here

Mounting here

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We can turn any fold map or wall map into a laminated wall map or a mounted and laminated wall map. We also offer laminating and mounting service for any of you own paper products. So if you see a map that does'nt show a LAMINATED MAP PRICE or would like to laminate your map or other document contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote. We offer a 24 hour turn around on all small order lamination and mounting service.

You may order by phone, fax, or e-mail. To order you will need the stock number of the item as well as/or the name of the item. Include your name and shipping address. If you are ordering by e-mail please include a phone number you can be reached at. If you are not comfortable with providing credit card information over e-mail, you can call in or fax your order. Phone, fax, and e-mail are provided below.

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