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Tom and I with a custom enlargement. Mounted and framed for an office. Thats me doing the customary One Map Place ' let's point at Dallas ' pose.

Do you have a special project that needs a customized map? Need something more or less than what the standard map provides? We at One Map Place are at your service. Well, Tom is anyway. Calls or email us with your needs and ideas.

Tom pretends to know what he is doing. The photos of the tantrum thrown by Tom upon seeing that the installation was not level are unavailable.imageLook!! It's that guy in that band!! This map was mounted onto a wooden cutout. Turned out pretty darned good I think.

Here is an enlarged U.S. map as well as a cut out version we are working on

aYes..Jeff actually forces us to always point at Dallas in these photos.


Oh look..3 of me. Won't Paula be thrilled about this development. Now she can have 3 of the perfect boyfriend and I can watch 3 times the sports.


Here are some other custom design ideas that we can take care of for ya.

Custom wedding maps for all your guests. These can be used for any special occassion but we just call them wedding maps.

Regional maps for your business needs. We can break theses suckers down to local areas or the whole state. Need regions for the whole U.S. ? Well ok we can do that too.


What about a routing map? Well if ya deliver stuff then you should have us fix you up with a custom routing map brutha!


All these are also quite useful in displays, advertising, meetings, and presentations. Call us up and let us design your custom work.

Sorry this has nothing to do with custom jobs. It's just that Tom and Jeff both looked to be working at the same time. Productivity of that magnitude around here must be documented for all to see. (editors note..this photo was later proven to be a hoax.)
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We can turn any fold map or wall map into a laminated wall map or a mounted and laminated wall map. We also offer laminating and mounting service for any of you own paper products. So if you see a map that does'nt show a LAMINATED MAP PRICE or would like to laminate your map or other document contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote. We offer a 24 hour turn around on all small order lamination and mounting service.

You may order by phone, fax, or e-mail. To order you will need the stock number of the item as well as/or the name of the item. Include your name and shipping address. If you are ordering by e-mail please include a phone number you can be reached at. If you are not comfortable with providing credit card information over e-mail, you can call in or fax your order. Phone, fax, and e-mail are provided below.

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